This is what baby Ben teaches you about your dream relationship

When I fed Ben the other night I realized that he’s perfect. I know what you think now…of course she thinks her baby is perfect – every mother thinks so.


But I mean in a different way.

I realized that Baby Ben, who’s not yet 2 months old, has already all he needs to be a badass human. 100% of the capacity is there. He is whole in his being, energetically and spiritually. He lives in the moment. Truly. Communicates all he needs, without holding back. Has clear boundaries. Indulges in his pleasures fully.

Of course he needs to learn heaps to fulfill his purpose on earth: holding his head by himself, speaking a language, ect.

On a sidenote: Actually in his case it’s three languages. I speak German with him, Carlos Portuguese. Carlos and me communicate mostly in English (’cause we can).

So he’s perfect. He lives his true essence every moment. And shows it to the world. And very much so being a quadruple Aries (Whaaaaaat?!).

Now when he gets older he doesn’t stop being perfect. Nor have a right to feel pleasure, be happy, be who he is truly is outrageously – just like he is today…as a newborn.No matter what society tells him. Or I or his dad as a matter of fact. And yes, I know that I will make mistakes and lead him off his path of is true nature. Not ’cause I wanna, but because of my ignorance and lack of capacity. I say this without any bitterness. I say this ’cause it’s a fact. And I recognize and honor it.

Does this make him less worth or deserving of happiness and love and wholeness? Of course not.

Just like in your case.


The fact that you don’t have this with your partner right now doesn’t mean that it’s not your birthright. It also doesn’t mean that you don’t have what it needs to manifest it. It simply means that you got a bit deviated from your path.

The path of your true essence.

Like we all are in our own way.

It’s ok that we do. But we don’t have to accept it.

You don’t have to accept to be unhappy right now in your relationship.

You have to accept the fact, of course. But you don’t have to keep on being unhappy.

Today, you can take the decision to rewire your brain and learn how to be happy in your relationship. You have all that you need for it. Since you were born. And now, as a grown up badass Powerhouse Women, you can change the course of your life and take control.

Right now, I’m accepting applications for my high-end 1:1 coaching program Love Bliss. I guide Powerhouse Women like you in 18 weeks from Frustration to Bliss in your relationship.

If you no longer accept to have a relationship that – to put it bluntly – SUCKS, let me know in the comments applying for Love Bliss.

YOU KNOW you deserve it to be happy and fulfilled with your partner.

I KNOW that you have all it needs to manifest it and I can guide you!

With love and so much pleasure,

Turning Women on One Relationship at a Time

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