The first step to manifest your Dream Relationship.

Starting into the new year I want to invite you to dream about your relationship. I want you to let go for a moment of all the stuff that annoys you or makes you feel unloved and unhappy.

Start dreaming.

I DON’T want you to make a list of how your partner should change though!

I want you to take a pen and paper and start writing down what you desire for your relationship. Take about 5 minutes. In case you run out of stuff to write down, ask yourself again: “What do I most desire my relationship to be like?”

It’s ok to repeat things. It’s ok to write down anything that feels completely impossible right now. It’s ok to write the same thing over and over again for 5 minutes or a list of 100 different things. Everything is welcome.

In the next step, write down why you have these desires. Dig a little deeper. What’s the basic emotion or feeling you long for in your relationship?

After the writing exercise, I want you to close your eyes, take a couple of breaths and allow yourself to drop into the reality of having your dream relationship. What images do you see? What do you hear that let’s you know that your dream relationship is reality? What do you feel or touch? What do you smell? What do you taste? Take at least 2 minutes to drop into this reality.


1. Because knowing what you truly desire is freaking empowering and it’s the first step to manifest your dreams.

2. By imagining your dreams with closed eyes and imagining it vividly using all your 5 senses sends a message to your limbic system (in charge of your emotions) and your reptilian brain (in charge of your survival) that it’s safe to do so.

My clients absolutely love when I guide them to tap into their dreams and how it feels like to live in this reality. But the key moment is when they allow themselves to go beyond complaining and blaming. When they allow themselves to desire big, tap into what they truly want, beyond their wildest dreams!

This is the first shift along the journey to get the spark back into your relationship, when you work with me.

Do you find it hard to do this exercise? Is there a lot of anger, resentment, maybe exhaustion? That’s ok. BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF in case resistance comes up! Go as far as you can. One step at a time.

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With Love and so much Pleasure,

Turning Women on One Relationship at a Time

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