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Starting 1st of December 2021


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YAS Darling,

I’m celebrating you for being committed to getting the spark back into your relationship! It’s so good to have you here, because I know that you deserve a happy long-term relationship beyond your wildest dreams – filled with butterfly-in-the-belly moments, soulmate connection, intimacy and loving companionship.

You're a powerhouse and a total boss in your job and desire to feel the same with love and intimacy – a real shero. Right now you feel disconnected from your partner, your love life is quite boring without real intimacy and you get frequently annoyed which turns into big fights over nothing. Yet again, you're at a point in your relationship where you ask yourself if your partner really is THE ONE.

The secret: you have to step up into your Queen to be treated like one by your partner. You have to treat yourself as a Queen and fully embody her. Your partner will feel the shift and will be more than happy to show up as your King (or Queen, if you're in a same sex relationship). Your partner will feel just as much pleasure to treat you like a Queen.

Pleasure is a magnet. As soon as you feel pleasure and start shining your light, you'll take your partner higher and they'll follow you into pleasure land.

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What other powerhouse women like you achieved with my guidance

"Tina always created a safe, trusting space for me to share my deepest emotions. She showed a depth of empathy that was profoundly impactful while also helping me move forward from the pain into the growth. Tina was consistently non-judgmental it made me open to sharing my vulnerabilities. You were FULLY present, FULLY impactful and incredibly helpful every time

I was able to feel what I needed to release – release it. I felt lifted – like a weight was gone – a heaviness in my heart was gone.

The moment we discussed my fear of being alone – and how I hold onto men in my life just to ‘not be alone’ for fear of feeling how I did when I was divorced previously. The reality is I’m a different woman – that made me feel profoundly strong – I SAW and FELT the growth I have had in the 20 years since that person was afraid on her couch and I’m no longer her. I’m a strong woman.

Finally realizing that I’m WHOLE and FULL and WORTHY of all I desire. I won’t give up on myself or allow “less than” in my life moving forward. I have had a tendency to settle – settle for less than, settle for treatment I shouldn’t, settle for unkind words, settle for passive aggressive comments– and I will no longer allow those things in my life.

I can’t honestly thank you enough Tina – it has been such a pleasure to work with you! Your kindness – your genuineness – your truly caring side was so warm – it created an instant trust for me in you."

  Anonymous, CEO

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I know that you’ve tried already a lot to feel fulfilled in your relationship.

Get ready to spice up your relationship:

...without forced and dull date nights.

...without having to read any more self-help books and feeling bad for never doing the exercises with your partner anyways.

...without feeling off after reading the relationship advice in your favorite magazine, because it feels like a one size fits all approach.

...without having to suggest couples therapy – at least in your head – because he probably wouldn’t wanna tag along anyways – and you aren’t sure either if it’s really worth it, ‘cause shouldn’t you intuitively know how to have a luscious relationship?!


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Don’t worry – you are not alone with your struggles. There is no reason to be embarrassed about what you are going through right now in your relationship. The vast majority of couples go through difficult phases in their relationship after some years and most end in a breakup. Nor are you broken for not having the happily ever after yet.

I’ve got your back: in my 12-week program The Queens’ Incubator I’ll guide you to feel deep connection and intimacy with your partner again. Coming home after a long day of work and having a loving and juicy make out session. Feeling the butterflies yet again when you see your partner walking towards you.  

I will guide you through a proven set of tools so you can revive your relationship by letting go of what holds you back from living your best relationship life. Additionally, you will be part of an amazing sisterhood of like-minded women, who support each other and are as committed as you to manifest a relationship beyond your wildest dreams.

I use a revolutionary process that combines exercises, visualizations and rituals so your rational, emotional and reptilian part of your brain are on board for you to have it all in love. Until you don’t work with all three parts of your brain, any changes you make won’t stick, because your subconscious will keep on sabotaging you from achieving your desires. You will learn how to step up as a Queen, so your partner treats you like one and steps up as a King! And the best part: the process is fun and playful! No need to suffer to achieve your biggest relationship desires. Already after a few weeks you will feel a shift in your love life.

You will feel like an adult during an argument and being fully connected to your love for your partner instead of ugly fights and separation thoughts creeping up during every little fight. You want your partner to support you and take that trash bin out daily without constant complaining and reminding. And you want it now! Now is your time to have the soulmate connection with your partner – you know it already from the first year together, right?

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You are ready to step up as the QUEEN

Not only do you deserve to be treated like a Queen in your relationship, you are ready for it.

  • You are ready to be swept off your feet again by your partner with loving attention sparkled with little gifts every now and again.
  • You are ready to for long and spontaneous love making sessions that come unexpectedly.
  • You are ready to feel so attracted to your partner, that you can’t keep your hands off of them.
  • You are ready to ignite your own pleasure again to excel the pleasure in your relationship.
  • You are ready to have arguments that are actually beneficial for your intimacy for your partner, helping you getting to know each other better.

I know that might be hard to imagine, because right now you are stuck in frequent ugly fights over the dishes that make you feel like an anger tantrum throwing toddler who didn’t get the popsicle from daddy. Making love with your partner feels like “meh” and you catch yourself wander off with your thoughts to the big presentation you are going to rock tomorrow at work.

I get you

I used to turn into a nagging b*tch after the honeymoon phase had passed. I got myself into ugly fights about nothing (aka. dishes, trash, “wrong” intonation of replies). I was convinced back than that my partner wasn’t the one.


After a while I understood: the constant was me nagging and not my partner doing something wrong. But I didn’t know how to do relationship differently.


I even had a phase where I gave up on relationships completely, because I couldn’t stand who I became in relationships – always frustrated and complaining.


But I wanted a family, so I started studying with the world’s best experts to create a deeply connected, intimate, loving, fun and sexy relationship. I learned how to allow myself to express and honor all my emotions: rage, grief, turn on.


I realized that creating a fulfilling relationship is something most of us have to learn. We are constantly bombarded with messages that are counterproductive: “put your partner first”, “if your partner really loves you, they will anticipate you every wish”, “some things are better kept secret to not stir up any negative feelings”.


I belief that all of us deserve a relationship beyond our wildest dreams so I trained to be a certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach turning Women on One Relationship at a Time. I will teach you how to reignite your own pleasure to kickstart your relationship back into a full-blown bliss fest.

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What other powerhouse women like you achieved with my guidance

"Tinas guidance was ethereal, yet totally present in a way I've never experienced before. I felt so incredibly held by her on this deep inner journey into my soul to recover something that was already there. The wise and ancient parts of me that know how to lovingly stand my ground as an empowered woman, sage, mystic and grandmother. It was truly a timeless journey that had immediate effects in my partnership and our intimacy, in ways I didn't expect. Because I was able to hold that wise space for myself after working with Tina, my partner is more patient, loving and connected with me. Instead of just giving up from all the stories that typically arise, we just kept meeting each other in love and communication. He cried feeling my ability to reconnect with him and our partnership is flourishing again! Making love was a lot different, as I haven't been feeling arousal and was really sensitive. My body immediately felt safe and open with my partner again, which has been rare lately.

Thank you, again, with deep heart felt gratitude."

Ra’Kaia Mitchell


This is how I guide you to step into your Queen-Being

The 4 phases of transformation of my proven system:


Phase 1: Desire Mapping

We will uncover what is holding you back from not having the desires of your relationship achieved yet. Resistance is Gold. It makes us who we are today. You will learn how to love and appreciate your resistance so you can become a go-getter of your relationship desires.


Phase 2: Love your Resistance

We will uncover what is holding you back from not having the desires of your relationship achieved yet. Resistance is Gold. It makes us who we are today. You will learn how to love and appreciate your resistance so you can become a go-getter of your relationship desires.


Phase 3: Relationship Dynamics

We are going to investigate what triggers you most about your partner and what you are making it mean. Stories such as: “when my partner just shrugs his shoulders in reply, I know that he doesn’t listen, because he doesn’t care for me” are common. We will discover the narrative behind your story and how you can stay present in the moment instead of dwelling in your old wounds. I will teach successful communications strategies.

attractive boho woman outdoors at jungle background

Phase 4: Empowerment

We will discover who you need to be to create the relationship you always dreamt of. You will become the Queen that lives inside of you, so you are treated like one. We will practice how you can be her at any time you feel like you’re building up resistance or self-sabotage in your relationship.

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Here are the nitty gritty juicy deets

  • I will support you during the 12 weeks of our journey together with weekly coaching sessions. We will talk via video call where I will personally guide you through exercises, visualizations, and rituals so you can get the spark back into your relationship.
  • The sessions will be rich and deep. This is why you will receive recordings of all sessions so you can watch them again and let the insights sink in to support your transformation.
  • In between sessions I will provide you with powerful exercises and audio guides to anchor what we’ve worked on in the previous session in your system. Continuity is crucial in shifting your old behaviours and beliefs that keep you stuck in frustration. The exercises will be fun and anchor the new behaviours and beliefs that you choose to fit best for your ideal relationship.
  • You will connect to the other women in the group to practice pleasure exercises together and give feedback on the private FB group, exclusively created for the members of the program. Sisterhood is a tool for success in transforming your relationship, because through the different experiences, you become one another’s teachers, a learning community of sisters.
  • Our brain tends to prioritize our memories of what we did wrong over our successes. This is why you will receive a workbook to track your progress so you can celebrate how far you’ve come every week. Celebrating your results in the FB group will keep you additionally motivated to overcome any resistance that might come up during coaching calls and to stay fully dedicated to your relationship transformation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Expand Pleasure in your life

Imagine what is possible in 12 weeks from now when you get the spark back into your relationship.


The emotional distress that all the nagging, arguing and sexless days is causing you will be transformed in intimacy and deep soul connection.


You will feel lighter and flirtatious in every aspect of your life. You will feel more at ease in your friendships – celebrating your happy relationship with them.


Your relationship with your parents is likely to improve because most triggers we confront in relationship originate from childhood.


You will feel even more fired up as a professional, because you’ve mastered the art of a blissful relationship.


You deserve to experience the utmost bliss in your relationship

Having read until here I know that you are ready to make this change in your life and let go of anything that doesn’t serve you anymore. I'm so excited to get you out of the cycle of dissatisfaction and propel you into a world of pleasure, gratitude and fun.

I know you are eager to shift your relationship, so click here to apply for the program and to get you started to become the Queen you deserve to be.

I’d love to guide you to manifest the relationship of your dreams.

With Love and so much Pleasure,




~Turning Women on One Relationship at a Time~

You deserve to transform your relationship into a “Hell YES”. Click here to apply now: