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I‘m available for interviews, events, speaking engagements, and other creative collaborations.

I'm a sought-after speaker on Feminine Leadership and I'm grateful for all invitations to collaborate, but my rigorous schedule requires me to be selective with my yeses — because a yes from me is a whole-hearted, all-in hell yes.

Experience the captivating presence of me on stage, where I spark smart conversation and delightful curiosity over what is possible in the realms of Embodied Feminine Leadership.

I lead people through presentations and interactive experiences about owning your female power to lead with integrity. My talks are profound and truly entertaining.

Suggested Speaking Topics

If you know you’d like to feature my work, but don’t have a set editorial direction, topics I speak to frequently are:

1. The Power of Pleasure:

How cultivating your own pleasure can completely transform your business and life.

2. Unleash the Feminine:

How powerhouse women can step into their feminine power, why it’s often scary and why it’s so essential to lead from a place of authenticity and pleasure.

3. Embracing your Darkness:

Why facing our darkest emotions is the key to create an authentic leadership style.

4. Creating Conscious Relationships:

Electrifying advice on how to build lasting business relationships based on personal and spiritual evolution.

Sample interview questions

  • You often say, “You have to focus on your own pleasure, to become the leaderess the world needs so much.” Why is that so?
  • Why are so many professionally successful women leaders frustrated? And what can be done about it?
  • You’ve been quoted as saying, “You have to love what is holding your back to manifest a fulfilled professional life.” Can you tell me more about that?
  • You often talk about “The Leaderess”. Who is this and what does it mean to be one?
  • You say that “Women have to reclaim their feminine to live a turned on live.” How does that go along with empowerment?
  • How and why do you use your tantric knowledge in supporting women leaders? What does Tantra have to do with women being better leaders?

Short Biography

Tina Ziegler is a Women’s Empowerment coach, mother and founder and CEO of Ziegler Coaching + Consultancy. She shows up as confidente and game changer helping women to lead from a place of authenticity and pleasure.

Having tried to find a support as a young and inexperienced team leader, Tina quickly realized that what is out there is created to support men in being good leaders. Due to a personal crisis, Tina took a leap of faith and stepped fully into her feminine power. She realized that most powerhouse women struggle with embracing the feminine in a professional environment, making them feel unfulfilled and overwhelmed. She is on a mission to turning women on one leaderess at a time.

Tina believes that it’s our birth right to lead from a place of authenticity and pleasure.

Through her brand The Leaderess and her programs, video podcast, and social media presence she inspires women leaders to love their feminine genius and live a fulfilled life.

Tina studied female empowerment, the principles of pleasure and tantric techniques for several years in the US and Asia. She lives and works in Brazil.

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