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Get treated like a Queen by your man again – without having to drag him to couples therapy.

Could this be from your diary? Or the dialogue going on in your head…

“Today at yoga class there was this happy couple, again – they have been together for years and SO happy. I should feel inspired, but instead they make me so annoyed! They’re all flirty and in love. Yuck.

I wish I had this with my man. I do love him, but the sparks’ gone.


I got all bitchy again today. He didn’t take out the trash. AGAIN. What’s his problem? Is it too much to ask? Why doesn’t he get that this is important to me? To feel supported and loved. It escalated into a huge fight, about something so small.

I’m really not sure, that he is THE ONE.


Sex is not what it used to be. It used to be mind blowing. We couldn’t take our hands off each other.

Now it’s kinda boring and mechanical. Not fun.”


“On my way back from work today I was so horny. And that doesn’t happen often anymore. I was really fired up. Looking forward to my man, but as soon as I opened the door I felt heat flushes rushing through my body from looking at all his mess all over the living room – shorts on the dining table, socks on the sofa, crumbs from his late-night tuna sandwich on the floor – my ‘in the mood’ had vanished. I got so mad. WTF. Of course, we had a huge fight. I don’t even know if we will sleep in the same bed tonight, let alone make love.”


”I don’t feel the connection anymore!” I burst into tears with my bestie Michelle on the phone. I have no idea what went wrong. I do know deep down that I love him, and he loves me. But we fight so often. About small things and then it really gets harsh: as if we were two hormonal impregnated teenagers or anger-tantrum toddlers fighting over a little blue plastic shovel in the sandbox. I don’t know what’s wrong with him, with me. Maybe he isn’t the one to start a family with. What happened, we were so happy once. Is it possible to get it back?”


Will I ever be happy in a relationship? Or is my destiny to be more and more miserable over the years, like most of the couples I know, no matter who I am with. Or even worst, break up and grow old alone and miserable.”

If you recognised yourself in any of these:

Firstly: You’re not alone.

Secondly: You’re not broken and

Most importantly: I CAN HELP YOU.


I used to be super critical with my partner. Why couldn’t he support me more? Support me the right way? I used to believe that it was my partners fault, when I was nagging and judgemental. I was expecting him to be perfect. Of course, my relationships wouldn’t last very long once the honeymoon phase had passed. I always felt like they weren’t “the one” – and OF COURSE it wasn’t my fault.


This happened over and over again with most of my relationships, even though I was dating very different types of men. I started asking myself, why was I always getting so critical? The constant was I was always picking on them!


It got so bad, that I even started avoiding relationships entirely, because I turned into a nagging bitch over small things. I couldn’t stand the person I became in a relationship.


I KNEW I wanted to have a long-term partner and I KNEW there was something more to it than yet another relationship not ‘being the ONE’. I had a hunch, that it might not solely by my partners fault that I got cranky and frustrated a few years into a relationship. So, I went on a quest.


What I found out was so profound that it took my relationship from bored and routined to exciting and hot again.


The transformation was so epic that I was inspired to train with the world’s top experts in sex, love and relationships. I'm a certified VITA™ Sex, Love and Relationship Coach and my mission is Turning Women on One Relationship at a Time, helping other women just like you get the love they deserve ever since.

I'm so excited to get you out of the cycle of dissatisfaction and propel you into a world of pleasure, gratitude and fun.

Remember the happy yoga couple from earlier? Are you ready to have what they have?


You come home from work feeling the mood for some sweet lovemaking. You open the door. His stuff is swirling around the house. You scream his name. Not because you are furious, but because all you want right now is to seduce him into a sizzling hot make out session. Afterwards you ask him to tidy up and before you realize it, it’s done.


“OMG. I’m so glad you have time to talk, girl. I’m so happy! I even feel butterflies again.” And your bestie Michelle is like: “Whaaat?! How did you do that. I want it too.”


You are walking into the yoga class and you feel how your sway radiance is making the hot dude at reception extra friendly to you, while you check-in. In walks the happy couple, holding hands. You smile at them. A real loving smile. It feels unreal that you envied them. You are so deeply in love. And he doesn’t have to come along to your yoga class to make you happy.


The argument the other night. It was so different. No anger-tantrums. You were upset at him. Yes. But you were connected to your love the whole time. Even though you felt the rush of anger you told him why you got so angry and how that makes you feel. You felt darn grown up. He did get a bit defensive at the beginning. But you sat down and talked it through. It feels weird to admit, but with every argument you feel like you get to know each other even better.


You are a YES to the relationship. Not questioning anymore if he is the one. And it feels so good.


You know what makes you happy and how to get it. How to tell him what you need from him and he loves giving it to you. Most of the time. And the few times he doesn’t you are so ok with it.

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Get LUSCIOUS LOVE in 18 weeks

In the four steps of my 1:1 coaching program I will guide you to get the relationship you always wanted:


In this module we are diving deep into what it is that you truly desire in your relationship. What level of intimacy, communication verbally and non-verbally and what sensual connection do you dream of? How do you want to feel in your relationship (e.g. safe, loved, seen, held, acknowledged) and why do you want this? And I will guide you through a process of diving into your desire as if it was already real, so you can take a taste of what it can be like. You will have a very clear picture of what we are working towards.


In this Module we look at WHY you don’t already have the relationship of your dreams. WHY are you resisting? What emotions, thoughts and sensations are holding you back. And WHAT is it that you are resisting? I will gently guide you to gain clarity on what is holding you back and what you need to be able to accept and liberate these parts of you instead of pushing them away. You will be able to work with your resistance instead of against it turning your resistance into an ally.


In this module we are diving deep into the stories of your relationship and how they trigger you. What is it that your partner does that makes you feel angry, sad, disappointed, disconnected and questioning the relationship? What do you make it mean? That your partner doesn’t love you, appreciate you, want you or deserve you? I will guide you through a process to strengthen your communication coming from a place of compassion and honoring your boundaries with your partner and yourself.


In this module I will guide you to connect to that part of you that is most supportive in achieving your goal. Who is this part? Maybe it is a Queen or Goddess? What wisdom is this part sharing with you? I will support you in fully embodying this part so you can thrive and achieve your desire. I will guide you to love all parts of yourself so you can truly receive love from your partner and have your dream relationship come true.

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The LUSCIOUS LOVE Experience

Format: 16 weeks coaching

12 x 75min sessions live online video calls (3 per month)



  • Workbook
  • Video recordings
  • Guided Audio rituals
  • Accountability e-mails or WhatsApps in between sessions

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What my Clients have to Say

"Tinas guidance was ethereal, yet totally present in a way I've never experienced before. I felt so incredibly held by her on this deep inner journey into my soul to recover something that was already there. The wise and ancient parts of me that know how to lovingly stand my ground as an empowered woman, sage, mystic and grandmother. It was truly a timeless journey that had immediate effects in my partnership and our intimacy, in ways I didn't expect. Because I was able to hold that wise space for myself after working with Tina, my partner is more patient, loving and connected with me. Instead of just giving up from all the stories that typically arise, we just kept meeting each other in love and communication. He cried feeling my ability to reconnect with him and our partnership is flourishing again! Making love was a lot different, as I haven't been feeling arousal and was really sensitive. My body immediately felt safe and open with my partner again, which has been rare lately.

Thank you, again, with deep heart felt gratitude. ❤"

  Ra’Kaia Mitchell

"Working with Tina was truly transformative. She helped me clarify my desire and identify the obstacles standing in the way of its manifestation. She also gave me a sex magic practice that I can use to make my desire a reality. I feel more optimistic and empowered, and also more accepting of myself now. I see that I can love the obstacles that I put in place to protect myself, and I can also gently let them go now that they are no longer needed."

  Caroline L.

"Working with Tina was incredibly insightful, deep, love-filled, transformational, and pleasurable!! And the insights from it still resonate with me. It was sincerely among the best coaching sessions I’ve ever had. I highly recommend her work.

Tina, I am so so grateful to you and look forward to seeing what additional magnificence you will create!"

  Kima Taki

"Tina always created a safe, trusting space for me to share my deepest emotions. She showed a depth of empathy that was profoundly impactful while also helping me move forward from the pain into the growth. Tina was consistently non-judgmental it made me open to sharing my vulnerabilities. You were FULLY present, FULLY impactful and incredibly helpful every time

I was able to feel what I needed to release – release it. I felt lifted – like a weight was gone – a heaviness in my heart was gone.

The moment we discussed my fear of being alone – and how I hold onto men in my life just to ‘not be alone’ for fear of feeling how I did when I was divorced previously. The reality is I’m a different woman – that made me feel profoundly strong – I SAW and FELT the growth I have had in the 20 years since that person was afraid on her couch and I’m no longer her. I’m a strong woman.

Finally realizing that I’m WHOLE and FULL and WORTHY of all I desire. I won’t give up on myself or allow “less than” in my life moving forward. I have had a tendency to settle – settle for less than, settle for treatment I shouldn’t, settle for unkind words, settle for passive aggressive comments– and I will no longer allow those things in my life.

I can’t honestly thank you enough Tina – it has been such a pleasure to work with you! Your kindness – your genuineness – your truly caring side was so warm – it created an instant trust for me in you."

  Anonymous, CEO

"The space Tina held for me allowed me to relax deeply in my body. The exercises she led me through helped to expand a desire I had been holding inside for a while. I noticed that after working with Tina I felt lighter and that suddenly it felt possible when before it had seemed so far away. Since our time together so much abundance has surprisingly and effortlessly come my way that it's given me permission to share that energy with others.

I'm highly recommending Tina for any desire that you feel blocked from having! Thank you again Tina!!"

 Leora Edut, Creatix of Goddess On The Go

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