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Awaken your Inner Leaderess and transform from frustration to authenticity and pleasure in 6 months

Personalized 1:1 coaching experience

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YAS Leaderess,

I’m so excited that you’re ready for the next level of happiness and fulfillment as a women leader. I see you and I’ve got you. I’m celebrating you for deciding that it’s your time to be fully in alignment with your feminine power as a leader.

You’ve got it all on paper: a successful business leader, c-suite executive. Money and clients are coming in easily. Women are looking up to you. Celebrate you.

And deep down you feel shame: shame for not being able to feel fulfilled, shame for feeling overwhelmed, feeling like an imposter. You feel alone and are afraid to talk about it, because how dare you complaining about your perfect career. You might lose clients, your business will suffer, if you open up. That might even mean you don’t deserve to be there – at the top.

Right now, you’re at a point in your professional life where you can feel that you can’t continue like this anymore. You deserve better.



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"Tina always created a safe, trusting space for me to share my deepest emotions. She showed a depth of empathy that was profoundly impactful while also helping me move forward from the pain into the growth.

Tina was consistently non-judgmental it made me open to sharing my vulnerabilities. She was FULLY present, FULLY impactful and incredibly helpful every time. I was able to feel what I needed to release – release it. I felt lifted – like a weight was gone – a heaviness in my heart was gone. I’m a strong woman.

Finally realizing that I’m WHOLE and FULL and WORTHY of all I desire. I won’t give up on myself or allow “less than” in my life moving forward. I have had a tendency to settle – settle for less than, settle for treatment I shouldn’t, settle for unkind words, settle for passive aggressive comments– and I will no longer allow those things in my life.

I can’t honestly thank you enough Tina – it has been such a pleasure to work with you! Your kindness – your genuineness – your truly caring side was so warm – it created an instant trust for me in you.

 Anonymous, CEO

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You deserve to feel fulfilled. To feel happy. To stop second guessing your every step. To feel the power that lives inside of you. To be outrageously yourself.

I’ve got your back with my 6 month 1:1 coaching program Legendary Leaderess.

I’ll guide you to feel in flow when you manage the backend.

Difficult team conversations are a sacred space for deep truth and personal transformation.

When you take decisions, you know exactly what you want – no second guessing or looking for outside validation.

You feel powerful and you’re celebrating your wins with your business besties.

You feel home. You feel fully you. No need to hide.


It's your time to awaken the Leaderess that you were born to be and you’re ready for the next step:

…without having to step foot again in another dull leadership seminar led by some “bro” that doesn’t make you feel alive and glowing.

…without having to read another page of those Leadership bestsellers that make you feel like you actually have to pretend to be someone else to be successful.

…without having to sign up for another networking event where you hope to find answers to feel fulfilled with your role but are too afraid to open up about how you feel deep down.

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Don’t worry – you are not alone with your struggles.

Nor are you broken for not feeling comfortable with your leadership journey.

I’ve got you.

In my personalized 6 month 1:1 coaching program Legendary Leaderess I will guide you through a custom fit set of tools so you can lead from a place of authenticity and pleasure.

I use a revolutionary process that combines exercises, visualizations and rituals to your individual needs, so your rational, emotional and reptilian part of your brain are on board for you to have it all.

Until you don’t work with all three parts of your brain, any changes you make won’t stick, because your subconscious will keep on sabotaging you from achieving your desires.

I bring a toolset of ancient eastern techniques based on Tantra combined with modern neuroscientific research.

Already after a few sessions you will feel a shift in how you show up when you lead.

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You are ready to Embody the Leaderess

You’re ready to start leading from a place of authenticity and pleasure.

  • You’re ready to feel confident in every cell of your body.
  • You’re ready to have plenty of head space and time to create your legacy.
  • You’re ready to let go of overwhelm and draw strength and creativity from your whole emotional range including rage, grief, shame and fear.
  • You are ready to ignite your own pleasure to excel in your leadership.
  • When you feel numb disconnected and tired – and we know this is going to happen, it’s part of the human existence – you know exactly what to do and how to take care of yourself. And you do it.

I know that might be hard to imagine, because right now you are stuck in self-doubt and stress over all these decisions you have to take.

You avoid talking to your team when something goes wrong, because you’re afraid to not be liked anymore and rather do it yourself.

And you feel like an imposter when you get to talk in front of an audience, hoping nobody can read your mind and see how insecure and unhappy you actually feel.

I get you

I didn’t start my professional career with a vision to lead.


My motivation is to make the world a better place. And I’m so good at it, that I was quickly assigned to lead a team in my corporate job. There I was, at the beginning of my career, leading a team of mostly men, mostly older than me. Feeling like I had to spin my wheels 24/7 to proof that I was worthy. As they say: Manning up!


This made me felt burned out, frustrated, and like I was failing. I never met my own expectations. My team didn’t accept me as the leader. I didn’t show up as my authentic self, and they could feel it.


This did NOT happen, because I’m not a natural leader.


It happened, because I tried to be someone else and made myself wrong for who I was.


And then, my personal life got uprooted.


I was dropped like a hot potato by my fiancée at that time. I knew something had to change in my life…personal life that is, because I thought that my professional life was ok. Even though I felt overwhelmed and unworthy every day.


So, there I was, learning to love my feminine, my intuition, my pussy power.


I felt so alive and turned on. I started trusting myself, instead of copying everyone around me.


This urgent need of wanting to be validated by someone who is more worthy, better than me, was gone.


I felt like I came home to myself.


I know my worth. I feel so deeply fulfilled being myself. No matter the ups and downs of day-to-day life.


On my journey I looked around and saw that most women struggle the same way I did. And they hide it well, because it feels so embarrassing.


This made me get on the adventurous journey of founding my own business. To support women leaders who struggle with the same problems as I used to.


This is why I created The Leaderess.


She is wildly in love with herself, fully authentic and deeply tapped into her intuition. She knows how to lead from a place of pleasure. She only accepts to lead from a place of pleasure.

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"I felt so incredibly held by Tina on this deep inner journey into my soul to recover something that was already there. The wise and ancient parts of me that know how to lovingly stand my ground as an empowered woman, sage, mystic and grandmother. It was truly a timeless journey that had immediate effects."

Ra’Kaia Mitchell


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This is how I guide you to step into your Leaderess-Being

The 3 phases of transformation of my proven system:



We’re going to dig deep into what you want. Which emotions you want to feel. What motivates you and what gives you the most pleasure. We’ll identify your leadership north star. A woman who knows what she wants is truly empowered. She can’t be held back. You’ll have a clear map of how to get there and how pleasure and your north star lead the way.



We’ll uncover what’s holding you back from, what’s standing in your way. Resistance is Gold. It makes you who you are today. You’ll learn how to love and appreciate your resistance, so you become a go-getter of your desires. We’re going to investigate what triggers you most about your team, services providers and clients and what you’re making it mean. We’ll discover the narrative behind your story and find out how you can stay present to what is vs. dwelling in the trigger wound.



We’ll discover your Leaderess – her particular flavour – and you’ll connect to her and create a deep relationship with her. Some also call her the Queen or the Goddess. You’ll practice how you can be her at any time you feel like you’re building up resistance or self-sabotage.

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The nitty gritty

  • 12 coaching sessions in total over 6 months, each 75 minutes online where I will personally guide you.
  • Recordings of all sessions so you can watch them again and let the insights sink in to support your transformation
  • Powerful exercises and audio guides tailored to your needs in between sessions to anchor in your nervous system what we’ve worked on during the sessions. The exercises will rewire your brain to new behaviours and beliefs.
  • Unlimited access to me via e-mail or WhatsApp or Voxer, because I know that resistance will hit in between session, since our brain loves to stick to what it always has been doing. I’ll support you with anything that comes up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Expand Authenticity and Pleasure in your life

Imagine what is possible in 6 months from now when you lead from authenticity and pleasure.


The emotional distress of not feeling good enough, alone and overwhelm will be transformed in Confidence -with a capital C. Your ideal clients will feel the shift and wait in line to be able to work with you. Your team will work with more motivation and dedication. You will feel lighter and confident every aspect of your life. You will feel more at ease in your relationships – celebrating your success.


You deserve to unleash the Leaderess

Having read until here I know that you’re ready to make this change in your life and let go anything that doesn’t serve you anymore. I'm so excited to get you out of the cycle of dissatisfaction and propel you into a world of pleasure, success, and freedom.

I can’t wait to see you transform.

With Love and so much Pleasure,




~Creatrix of The Leaderess~

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