How to handle your inner B*TCH!

Oh dear!

Do you know this: you’re out with your BAE and all should be good. Suddenly SHE shows up – your inner b*tch. She’s taking over the show, messing with the sweet moment of romance that you both created. The romantic moment is getting smashed because:

She’s never satisfied.

She always has to criticize everything.

It’s impossible for your BAE to please her.

She’s a total bully, as in ugly bully.

After a while with her being around the mood turns sour. Your BAE get’s annoyed, triggered, mad at you. You feel bad, but you can’t help it. She simply takes over. Excuse my English, but let’s be honest: she sh*ts all over the place.

I so feel you! You are not alone. I know this so well. It used to happen to me so much, that I actually avoided relationships completely. I couldn’t handle her. I couldn’t handle myself. I was wishing that she’d go away. Far far away, as in Arctic Circle or even better another Galaxy. And never come back. As in not in in a trillion years. I felt broken.

NAKED TRUTH: exactly the opposite was what got me out of this inner bitch problem!


I needed to love her! And embrace her.

Can you believe this? Well, for me it was hard at the beginning, because I was so used to fighting her. So she fought back.

How do you love her though? She’s nasty – you might think.

I want you to take 5 minutes with the intention to connect to your inner bitch, put on a song and dance with her. Let her out to play and rage and bully. Just give her permission.

Rinse and repeat weekly. I promise you, next time she comes out when you’re having a blast with your BAE, you’ll be so prepared to play with her. Not take her so seriously and try to make her go away at any price. And your BAE will have fun too.

You might have difficulties to connect to her and start playing with her at first. I focus a lot on the inner bitch with the women a work with. Guide them to get to know her and celebrate her, so she doesn’t run the show ruining romantic moments with your BAE.

Imagine: your inner bitch comes out and you and your BAE are actually having fun with her!!!

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With Love and so much Pleasure,

Turning Women on One Relationship at a Time

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