How to get wild in the bedroom again.

Do you know this situation, when your partner is turned on and you are not and vice versa?

Many of my clients have this challenge. And then days, weeks sometimes even months pass by without making love. Because either one of you is in the mood, or there is not enough time, or yet another fight got in the way.

And finally, it gets awkward to connect on this deep level of physical intimacy again after so long.

Sometimes you even make love with your partner even though you are not a full “Yes!!!”, to have it done and over with.

You are wondering why this happens to you – a successful businesswoman who gets exactly what she wants. Although you have established date nights the mood is usually not right

I feel you! This is very common in long term relationships.

After the first hot honeymoon phase passes your brain and hormones take you back to business-as-usual. You focus back on solving daily problems (taking care of you business, the bills, etc.). This is why frequent hot and steamy make out sessions seem out of reach.

To do lists need to be checked off first before there is space in your day to get in the mood. Many clients come to me with this problem. 

That said, you absolutely deserve a regular and hot love life even after years with your partner.

Here is one simple thing you can do right now: self-pleasure.

You might ask yourself how pleasuring yourself might spice up your love life. You have been taught that this is solely reserved for when you are single…or physically apart from your partner.

Also, isn’t it kinda nasty to give yourself sensual pleasure while your partner wants to make love to you?

No, it is not!

Well, let me tell you why: pleasure is a muscle. Yes – a mind muscle. The more you train to feel sensual pleasure, the easier it is to connect to it in situations when you want to. With a frequent self-pleasure practice, you will be able to connect to your turn on more when it suits you best.

Try this out:

– Set aside 5 minutes daily in which you are stroking yourself in a pleasurable way

– Go very very very slow. And then a bit slower.

– Focus on what you are feeling with every touch, every stroke

Careful: don’t aim for an orgasm or climax – this exercise is about pleasure, not pressure.

In fact, what most of my clients find as soon as they let go of the pressure to make love, they start discovering their pleasure.

In my coaching program I support women to let go of beliefs around lovemaking that are holding them back. With transformative methods I guide them to adopt a new mindset to have a love life beyond their wildest dreams.

If you can’t wait to take charge of your turn on to have wild bedroom sessions again, click here to apply for my 1:1 coaching program Love Bliss.

With Love and so much Pleasure,

Turning Women on One Relationship at a Time

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