Get your sexy back with one single movement.

Here is the truth: after some years into a relationship, you will not have amazing, mind boggling s*x anymore.

Or maybe you will?

Do you know a couple that has amazing s*x after some years or decades? Just like that?

It’s rare.


We get accommodated. We focus on the mistakes more than we do on the good stuff. Our brain is programmed to do that. Not only in relationships, but in general our brain prioritizes bad memories or thoughts over good ones. It sucks, I know.

But, you can change it. You can literally train your brain and your senses to focus more on the good stuff, the pleasure, the fun.

This will help you to get the sexy back.

So, for me and the clients I work with – especially when it’s about bedroom fun – thoughts are not the main focus. It’s sensations.

How to train your brain to let the sexy happen and get the spark back?

With one single movement.




Stroke your P*ssy once a day. Very, very, very slow. And then a bit slower. And be fully present on what sensations are coming up. How does she feel about it. How do you feel about it. Is there numbness? Or sparkling joy? Maybe you’ll get annoyed. Just observe. Not more, and not less.

Wanna know why it works?

Because you focus on the present moment – thus no space for bad thoughts or memories. You also train to feel pleasure. And in case anything negative comes up, you’ll just observe and don’t let it take over your day.

I guide the women I work with in being in the moment and prioritizing pleasure to manifest a relationship they truly desire. Are you ready for this? I will let you know soon how you can work with me.

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With Love and so much Pleasure,

Turning Women on One Relationship at a Time

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