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From nagging b*tch to Pleasure Queen


I used to be super critical with my partner. Why couldn’t he support me more? Support me the right way? I used to believe that it was my partners fault, when I was nagging and judgemental. I was expecting him to be perfect. Of course, my relationships wouldn’t last very long once the honeymoon phase had passed. I always felt like they weren’t “the one” – and OF COURSE it wasn’t my fault.

This happened over and over again with most of my relationships, even though I was dating very different types of men. I started asking myself, why was I always getting so critical? The constant was I was always picking on them!

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It got so bad, that I even started avoiding relationships entirely, because I turned into a nagging bitch over small things. I couldn’t stand the person I became in a relationship.

I KNEW I wanted to have a long-term partner and I KNEW there was something more to it than yet another relationship not ‘being the ONE’. I had a hunch, that it might not solely by my partners fault that I got cranky and frustrated a few years into a relationship.

And yet, one day, in my early thirties, I got dumped by my fiance. Yes. We were supposed to get married and have babies. I was absolutely devastated!

I swore to myself that I will NOT be a desperate, infertile crazy women. I will NOT hopelessly try to lure a man in my spiderweb. I will NOT break over my seemingly impossible dream of having my own family.

So, I went on a quest.

What I found out was so profound that it took my relationship from bored and routined to exciting and hot again.

The transformation was so epic that I was inspired to train with the world’s top experts in sex, love and relationships. I'm a certified VITA™ Sex, Love and Relationship Coach and my mission is Turning Women on One Relationship at a Time, helping other women just like you get the love they deserve ever since.



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I’m a certified VITATM Sex, Love and Relationship Coach trained by Layla Martin.

I trained for 2 years with Regena Thomashauer in the School of Womenly Arts to research Pleasure and connect to my Pussy Power.

I’m a Reiki Master.

I studied Tantra with Ma Anand Sarita and James Stevenson.

Mic-Drop Facts About Me

∴ I speak 5 languages (4 of them fluent) ∴

∴ I hold a MSc in Electrical Engineering AND Social Sciences ∴

∴ I've raised a total of about 10 Million USD for cooperation projects in my corporate job and THAT intimidates men frequently ∴

♥ Even though I was told for 7 years by several specialists that I won't be able to get pregnant I conceived a baby boy naturally. I was also told that I can't have a natural birth and I found the most perfect OB-GYN who supported my during labour. Baby Ben and me took a mere 3 hours from water breaking to being born ♥

∴ I'm sexy and smart as F*CK ∴ 

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EVERYONE has the birth right to a turned-on, long-term relationship. And I fight for this right in women every day.

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What the Actual F*ck Facts About Me

I danced NAKED with 500 women in a NYC conference hotel … and no it was NOT a kinky sex party! And YES, it helped me to get the groove back into my relationship.

I trained to shift from rage to grief to turn on within a matter of seconds! Might sound weird, but it is one of the keys to a wild and sexy relationship.

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I’m turning Women on One Relationship at a Time. In my  coaching programs I work with women who desire a jaw-dropping, goosebumping, can’t take my hands of you, long-term relationship –  well beyond the honeymoon phase.

Disclaimer: it might make others jealous.


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