Hi, I'm Tina

I’m your confidante, game changer, biz wing woman.

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I’m a certified Women’s Empowerment Coach, Tantrika, Electrical Engineer and Reiki Master.

Yep, I bring together all these different universes to help you feeling confident and fufilled as the Leaderess you’re meant to be.

I didn’t start my professional career with a vision to lead.

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Let's talk about how you can awaken The Leaderess

In anything I do my motivation is to make the world a better place. And I’m so good at it, that I was quickly assigned to lead a team in my corporate job.

There I was, leading a team of mostly men, mostly older than me. Feeling like I had to spin my wheels 24/7 to proof that I was worthy of this responsibility. As they say: Manning up!

This made me felt burned out, frustrated, and like I was failing. I never met my own expectations.

My team didn’t accept me as the leader. I didn’t show up as my authentic self, and they could feel it.

This did NOT happen, because I’m not a natural leader.

It happened, because I made myself wrong for not being like the male leaders.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that men are no good leaders. But what works for them doesn’t work for us women in the same way.

And then, my personal life got uprooted.

I was dropped like a hot potato by my fiancée at that time. I didn’t see that coming. I was very, VERY frustrated to say the least.

Let's talk about how you can awaken The Leaderess

I knew something had to change in my life…personal life that is, because I thought that my professional life was ok.

Even though I felt overwhelmed and unworthy every day.

So, there I was, learning to love my feminine, my intuition, my pussy power.

I was celebrating all my emotions by screaming and wailing with 500 other women in a room. We were parading and celebrating our naked bodies.

I felt so alive and turned on.

I changed.

My Leaderess came to life.

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I started trusting myself, instead of copying everyone around me.

This urgent need of wanting to be validated by someone who is more worthy, better than me, is gone.

I felt like I came home to myself.

I know my worth. I feel so deeply fulfilled being myself. No matter the ups and downs of day-to-day life.

Not to mention that my teams and projects are thriving.

On my journey I looked around and saw that most women struggle with the same way I did. And they hide it well, because it feels so embarrassing.

This made me get on the adventurous journey of founding my own business. To support women leaders who struggle with the same problems as I used to.

This is why I created The Leaderess.

She is wildly in love with herself, fully authentic and deeply tapped into her intuition. She knows how to lead from a place of pleasure. She only accepts to lead from a place of pleasure.

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I'm ready to awaken The Leaderess