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“Today at yoga class there was this happy couple, again – they have been together for years and SO happy. I should feel inspired, but instead they make me so annoyed! They’re all flirty and in love. Yuck. I wish I had this with my man. I do love him, but the sparks’ gone.”

“Sex is not what it used to be. It used to be mind blowing. We couldn’t take our hands off each other. Now it’s kinda boring and mechanical. Not fun.”

“ ”I don’t feel the connection anymore!” I burst into tears with my bestie Michelle on the phone. I have no idea what went wrong. I know deep down that we love each other. But we fight so often about nothing. Like two anger-tantrum throwing toddlers fighting over a little blue plastic shovel in the sandbox. What happened, we were so happy once.”

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I got so mad today. He didn’t take out the trash. AGAIN. Is it too much to ask? Why doesn’t he get that this is important to me? To feel supported and loved. It escalated into a huge fight.  I’m really not sure, that he is THE ONE.

On my way home I was so horny. That's rare! I was really fired up looking forward to my man. As soon as I opened the door I felt heat flushes rushing through my body. His mess was all over the place – shorts on the dining table, socks on the sofa, crumbs from his late-night tuna sandwich on the floor. We had a huge fight. I don’t even know if we will sleep in the same bed tonight.

Will I ever be happy in a relationship? Or is my destiny to be unhappy, like most of the couples I know. No matter who I am with. Or even worst, break up and grow old alone and miserable.

Recognize yourself in any of these?

Firstly: You're not alone.

Secondly: You're not broken.

Most importantly: I CAN HELP YOU.

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With my support you'll get the spark back into your relationship!

I used to be super critical with my partner. Why couldn’t he support me more? Support me the right way? I used to believe that it was my partners fault, when I was nagging and judgemental. I was expecting him to be perfect. Of course, my relationships wouldn’t last very long once the honeymoon phase had passed. I always felt like they weren’t “the one” – and OF COURSE it wasn’t my fault.


This happened over and over again with most of my relationships, even though I was dating very different types of men. I started asking myself, why was I always getting so critical? The constant was I was always picking on them!


It got so bad, that I even started avoiding relationships entirely, because I turned into a nagging bitch over small things. I couldn’t stand the person I became in a relationship.


I KNEW I wanted to have a long-term partner and I KNEW there was something more to it than yet another relationship not ‘being the ONE’. I had a hunch, that it might not solely by my partners fault that I got cranky and frustrated a few years into a relationship. So, I went on a quest.


What I found out was so profound that it took my relationship from bored and routined to exciting and hot again.


The transformation was so epic that I was inspired to train with the world’s top experts in sex, love and relationships. I'm a certified VITA™ Sex, Love and Relationship Coach and my mission is Turning Women on One Relationship at a Time, helping other women just like you get the love they deserve ever since.

I'm so excited to get you out of the cycle of dissatisfaction and propel you into a world of Turn On and Pleasure!

Remember the happy yoga couple from earlier? You are ready to have what they have!

You come home from work feeling the mood for some sweet lovemaking. You open the door. His stuff is swirling around the house. You scream his name. Not because you are furious, but because all you want right now is to seduce him into a sizzling hot make out session. Afterwards you ask him to tidy up and before you realize it, it’s done.

“OMG. I’m so glad you have time to talk, girl. I’m so happy! I even feel butterflies again.” And your bestie Michelle is like: “Whaaat?! How did you do that. I want it too.”

You are walking into the yoga class and you feel how your sway radiance is making the hot dude at reception extra friendly to you, while you check-in. In walks the happy couple, holding hands. You smile at them. A real loving smile. It feels unreal that you envied them. You are so deeply in love. And he doesn’t have to come along to your yoga class to make you happy.

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The argument the other night. It was so different. No anger-tantrums. You were upset at him. Yes. But you were connected to your love the whole time. Even though you felt the rush of anger you told him why you got so angry and how that makes you feel. You felt darn grown up. He did get a bit defensive at the beginning. But you sat down and talked it through. It feels weird to admit, but with every argument you feel like you get to know each other even better.

You are a YES to the relationship. Not questioning anymore if he is the one. And it feels so good.

You know what makes you happy and how to get it. How to tell him what you need from him and he loves giving it to you. Most of the time. And the few times he doesn’t you are so ok with it.

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