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The free audio guide helps you to understand why you feel like a fraud and let it go of this feeling in 10 minutes.

You've made it!

You’ve created a thriving business with an amazing team.

You’re one of the few who stuck through the hard times at the beginning, when no clients signed up, no money was coming in. It was arduous. Countless times you thought about giving up. But you kept going. You kept believing in your vision. You kept creating no matter what.

Now, clients are craving to work with you. They come back, because you’re really good at what you’re doing. They recommend you to people they appreciate, because they know that you’ll be able to help them too.

And yet...

…you feel like a fraud most of the time.

…you pretend to be happy and proud, but you actually don’t even know how that’s supposed to feel like.

…you’re afraid of sharing your doubts and fears with others, because that’s not appropriate for a person with your level of success. you’re supposed to feel like a high achiever.

…you feel overwhelmed

…you feel like you wanna hide and never come back.

…you feel like all this is wrong, because you’re supposed to feel good about yourself after having worked so hard and having had success…but all you feel is numbness.

…you DON’T feel like you’ve made it.

…you doubt your business and life choices.

…you don’t know how to handle difficult conversations with your team.

…managing the backend of your business feels like a total energy drag.

…you feel alone at the top.

…you constantly seek for outside validation when you take decisions.

Do you recognize yourself?

You're not alone.

You're not broken.

I can help you.

DSC00668 überarbeitet

With my support you'll unleash your Leaderess!


How do you do it?


You need to trust your body – your intuition – your personal feminine compass.


It’s time to give your amazing brain a break and drop into your gorgeous and oh so wise body of yours. To feel all the feels to move slowly and with heaps of pleasure, to breath consciously and worship your curves.


I know that this sounds very counter intuitive. But what’s holding you back here are centuries of conditioning that the feminine has no value. That our bodies are there to serve others, but not ourselves. Uncountable repetitions of: “There is no worth in your body, woman.”


And it is oh so time to rewire our beautiful brains and unleash your divine bodies and intuition.

I'm so excited to get you out of the cycle of dissatisfaction and propel you into a world of Turn On and Pleasure!

You can’t keep going like this. You know things must change. Now.

You’re ready. And it feels scary.

To feel fulfilled. To feel happy. To stop second guessing your every step. To feel the power that lives inside of you. The be outrageously yourself.

Fully embody feminine energy to become the Leaderess.

You feel confident in every cell of your body.

You feel vibrant and fully in alignment with your dreams and desires.

You feel in flow when you manage the backend.

Difficult team conversations are a sacred space for deep truth and personal transformation.

DSC01005 überarbeitet

When you take decision, which is all the time, you know exactly what you want – no second guessing or looking for outside validation.

I feel so confident that it reflects in all your relationships.

You feel powerful.

You’re celebrating your wins with your business besties.

You have plenty of head space and time to create your legacy.

You feel fired up by leading your team and community.

You’re part of an amazing community of Leaderesses, celebrating each other.

When you feel numb disconnected and tired – and we know this is going to happen, it’s part of the human existence – you know exactly what to do and how to take care of yourself.

You draw strength from your emotional diversity.

You feel home. You feel fully you. No need to hide.

You are the Leaderess that you were born to be.

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